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Crowdsourcing for Medical Device Innovation

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DFSS in Product Modeling

Biosensors. Medical Instrumentation. Artificial Organs. Tissue Engineering. Rehabilitation Engineering. BEACON is your guide through the unexplored waters of new technology and science. We facilitate the science as well as the economics of innovation. Providing guidance, resources, and expertise to assist you on the journey from idea to commercialization.
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Medical Device Report

The role of medical technology in health care costs has long been a source of debate. It has been widely asserted that healthcare technology can be cost increasing, due to price and volume effects, both for medical technologies themselves and related services. Other findings have suggested that benefits from spending on medical technologies can far exceed their costs, particularly when longer term benefits are measured in terms of productivity and reduced disability. Yet, surprisingly, very little analysis has been conducted on the direct costs to the health system of medical devices themselves.

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